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Our Hot Classes

Yoga Class

Original Hot Yoga

Body tension is the most common cause of chronic physical ailments. Our therapeutic hot yoga classes safely stretch your entire body and improve your body's natural healing mechanisms so you can live tension and pain-free. We offer the Original Hot Yoga (aka Bikram Yoga) a beginner series of 26 postures. We honor and respect the lineage of Ghosh yoga that's proven to heal. This is a beginner's yoga class.


Inferno Hot Pilates Class

Inferno Hot Pilates

Looking for quick weight-loss, cardio endurance training, or in need of some group fitness energy? Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) is for you! IHP is a fun, full-body, low-impact, high-intensity workout using Pilates principals that gives quick, visible results. This beginner's class is performed with energetic music. Hot Pilates Level 2, we provide weights and bands, use is optional. Level 2 class is for those 16 years and older, and to ensure safety, limited space is available, and a reservation is required. Inferno Hot Pilates is a great compliment to hot yoga practice.


Hot 26 Plus Yoga Class


Improve faster and stay injury free and have fun every time you practice on your mat.  Practice room ~ 88F degrees, all are welcome to participate.  This class always has a theme.  During the class we move in one direction of mobility and we go deep into it.  This way we prepare the body for more intense poses within that theme, the peak poses.  Props may be used, feel free to bring your own blocks and strap.


Private Sessions Yoga Pose

Hot 26 Plus Yoga

Hot 26 Plus is an amazing yoga class created around the Original Hot Yoga 26 posture series.  This class allows for all practioners to grow and evolve their practice at their own pace.  Class is set to  music and in second set the instructor offers students a chance to try 2-5 variations of poses.  This class is for all levels and a fun way to get your yoga therapy in.

Practicing hot yoga and hot Pilates benefits beyond its ability to increase sweating and weight loss. In addition to fueling your practice, our efficiently heated room helps to improve circulation, flush toxins from the body, achieve a deeper stretch, build endurance, increase flexibility, and burn calories. Our Hot Yoga classes consistently offer 105F where our Inferno Hot Pilates classes are at 95F, both with 40% humidity to ensure a terrific sweat. You will leave feeling euphoric, refreshed, and accomplished.

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